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My name is Leslie Hess, and I would like to introduce you to my practice,

BACKGROUND   I have been a Hawaii licensed Massage Therapist and practicing in Waimea since 1997.  I've dually maintained a National Certification which further requires continuing education.  The base of my schooling is in Medical Massage, I have trained in a long list of various modalities, and have years of Resort Spa experience.

MASSAGE STYLE   My work gravitates to addressing muscle groups with origin/insertion attention (this is not general massage, but muscle specific) and a limited use of Hot Rocks (as I have found this to be effective beyond it's blissful quality)  Still, I am influenced by every class or workshop I have ever taken.  My pressure is firm to relaxing and my techniques are muscular.  I no longer do 'deep' tissue (though some clients would disagree)

OFFERING YOU...  a range of massage from 'working it' to 'luxurious relaxation'.  Most appreciated is when I combine these two purposes.     Collectively, this work can be effective for the
~~  maintenance/ improvement of health and function
~~  relief from emotional / physical stress or tension

CONSIDER   So often massage is referred to as 'a treat'.  The pleasant nature of the overall experience can lead to under estimating the real preventative value and curative assist  that massage offers to our wellbeing.  While you will look forward to your massage VASTLY more than your next teeth cleaning appointment, it is none the less the same principle of responsible proactive healthcare.  It would be my honor to share in that endeavor with you. 

Health and Happiness,
Leslie Hess, LMT

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